Open positions in our institute


Research associate position:


Artifical quantum systems based on cold atoms and ions


We are seeking a researcher skilled in cold atom/cold ion physics to explore novel quantum systems
for the study of many-body quantum physics and fundamental laws of physics. The experience may encompass high-resolution spectroscoy, laser cooling, ion trapping, BEC. The position can be extended for a duration of up to 6 years.

Ph.D. student or Post-doc positions:

  • Ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy of cold hydrogen molecular ions - towards a spectroscopic determination of the electron-proton mass ratio. (Marie Curie position in the Intenational Traning Network COMIQ)
  • Manipulation of complex molecular ions at the quantum level: from internal cooling to spectroscopy
  • Development of an optical lattice clock based on neutral Yb atoms
  • A high-precision test of the isotropy of space using ultrastable lasers



Please apply with CV, records, copy of theses, names and addresses of referees.

For information and to apply, contact: Prof. Stephan Schiller